Just in the middle of a hurricane season – the first hurricane of 2011 – Irene -  is predicted to make her landfall some place on the east coast of  U.S. That inspired me to do some research on how some artistic photographers see hurricanes – through the lenses of their cameras. . . After [...]


Rare and unusual chickens

by Daria on August 12, 2011

in Nature Art

I came across a photo of a funny chicken. That’s how I decided to put together a photo gallery of rare and unusual chickens. Oh, and funny ones… . . Photo “Polish Chicken” – courtesy of moocatmoocat . . Polish chickens actually originate from Netherlands. They were originally bred for egg laying but recently they [...]

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Rain post

by Erik on August 10, 2011

in Nature Art

It has been raining here for the past 3 days almost continuously. All the rain has kept everyone in the neighborhood inside. I’ve spent a lot of my time sleeping (why does rain make people so sleepy?) However waking up to rain has made me stop and appreciate how much it changes and renews the [...]


Photo Boat Show

by Daria on August 9, 2011

in Art is Everywhere

In my searches for stunning photo images I keep coming back to boats. I haven’t figured out yet what exactly there is about the boats on the water that intrigue me so powerfully. It really doesn’t matter. On a few memorable occasions, though, a boat took me to some places that I would have never [...]


New Year’s Eve Favorites of Mine

by Daria on December 31, 2010

in Art is Everywhere

I love photography. Sometimes, to distract myself from things that do not feel all that that pleasant, I go and browse beautiful, inspired photos. They make me smile, they take me to the places I’ve never been to before, and sometimes their lively colors take my breath away. A few of my favorites, randomly chosen [...]


Hand Drawn Portrait Makes A Special Gift For Loved Ones

November 9, 2010

As luck would have it I managed to stumble upon a local artist (from London, Ontario, Canada) who is able to take any photograph you have and in just a few short days, turns it into a one of a king art picture that you can have hanging on your wall. When I saw the work he had done, I was amazed, and it wasn’t long before I had all my friends drawn in charcoal pencil. Now as a favor to those out there looking for a practical way to have your hand drawn portrait made I will share the link to Jaret’s website. So enjoy, all the best.

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David McCandless – beautiful database examples

September 6, 2010

Image by Reggie Rachuba via Flickr David McCandless devoted his life to drawing beautiful database examples. Related articles The Joy of Stats available in its entirety (flowingdata.com) From When to Whenever: Mapping TV and Movie Time Travel (gearfuse.com) Data visualization videos (r-bloggers.com)

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The art of choice

July 27, 2010

Image via Wikipedia I just watched this TED video of Sheena Iyengar’s speech on the topic of the art of choice. It clearly fascinated me enough that I want to share it with everyone who is interested in learning some surprising results of the studies on how people choose, what makes them think they are [...]

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Random scenery photos

July 23, 2010

Image via Wikipedia For today’s post I picked some random but breathtaking scenery photos from a forwarded email I received a few minutes ago. Therefore, I don’t know where on Earth these places are – all I know is that they look breathtakingly beautiful to me. I also don’t know who the authors of these [...]

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Different types of art forms architecture

July 12, 2010

Ernest Dimnet once said, “Architecture, of all the arts, is the one which acts the most slowly, but the most surely, on the soul.” I couldn’t agree more. Living in, working in or just walking often by the building that’s a piece of art must surely have an elevating effect on those who appreciate aesthetics.

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Recycled tire art

July 6, 2010

There are some incredibly creative artists walking this planet, who are able to put together the most astonishing creations – even from recycled items. A good example is this motorcycle, built out of recycled wire and tire tubes – in Zambia.

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